Sardar of Pav Bhaji

MUMBAI : It’s very rare that a person residing in South Mumbai has not heard the name of Sardar Pavbhaji. Sardar is considered as a pioneer who introduced pav bhaji to Mumbaikars.

It was in the late sixties that Sardar was the first one to introduce this delicacy and it was no wonder that it spread like a rage. Sardar Pav Bhaji

The street food culture in Mumbai is unique as the rich and famous have always patronised it.

Mumbai has a rich street food culture the rich and famous try it for its taste while the poor ones to fill their stomach. For Sardar there was no looking back and every Saturday and Sunday people started queing up outside the restaurant.

The specialty of this pavbhaji is its spicy taste and with it comes lots of butter. So when you taste the spicy buttery bhaji with soft pav its sheer bliss.

After serving the Mumbaikars for last four decades Sardar has maintained amazing consistency in its taste and quality. The pav or bread which is served with the bhaji is also of high quality and its literary dipped in butter.

So when you visit Mumbai central railway station or Taddeo area dont miss the opportunity to taste the best pavbhaji.

It’s a worth experience which you will remember for ever. Address: 166 B,M,Malviya Marg, Taddeo Tulsiwadi, Near Vasanrao Naik Chowk Mumbai Maharashtra 400 034.

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