Mumbai’s Most Popular and Delicious Falooda | BABA Falooda

MUMBAI : (Susmita Bhadane) If you want to test Mumbai’s Best Falooda then you must visit BABA Falooda. It is located near Mahim Darga. This place is very crowded during night . they’re open from noon to 01 AM.
Baba falooda is  Mumbai’s oldest falooda corner. falooda is very delicious milk based dessert that has several layers arranged in a glass. And when you test  baba falooda you will find it amazingly great .
The famous joint serves you variety of falooda kulfi and milk shake . But there royal malai falooda and double special falooda is very delicious loaded with small Pieces of Kulfi, Rose Syrup, Sweet Basil Seed, Rabadi.

Baba Falooda
Address: Bellview Mansion, 1,2, Lady Jamshedji Rd, Mahim, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400016

Dry Fruits which gives it rich texture and i must say every sip will be luscious and truly a taste of heaven!  It will definitely a wonderful treat for your test buds
Double special Falooda served in a tall glass with ice cream with the ingredients visibly layered. This makes  Falooda  look colourful and visually appealing. A person can not finish the whole glass  Falooda .
The quality and quantity of the  Falooda  was amazingly good.  Many people will definitely come here due to variety of  Falooda  they serve. Richness in test and wonderful presentation makes  BABA Mumbai’s best  Falooda .
Falooda Means 
Falooda is a cold dessert with origins in the Indian subcontinent. Traditionally it is made from mixing rose syrup, vermicelli, sweet basil seeds and pieces of jelly with milk, often served with ice cream.
The vermicelli used for preparing  Falooda  is made from arrowroot, cornstarch, or sago.


Pratap Lunch Home for Sea food lovers

Pratap Lunch Home is the ultimate destination for food lovers keen to sample some of the world’s finest seafood cuisines. Pratap Lunch Home was founded by Mr. K.C.Amin in the year 1961.

Pratap Lunch Home is the only first original Mangalorean Seafood Restaurant of Mumbai to have completed 50 successful years of providing it’s patrons a fine

dining experience. Pratap Lunch Home is widely acknowledged as one of the Best Seafood Restaurants in Mumbai.

Pratap Lunch Home Fort, Mumbai

Address | 79, Lucky Mansion, Janmabhoomi Marg, Fort, Mumbai

Our renowned restaurant is pioneering Multi Cuisine dining, with a sumptuous range of South Indian, North Indian, Mangalorean, Mughlai and Chinese dishes served up freshly every day.

This mulch-cuisine restaurant blends the choicest culinary delights with the finest ambiance. You will discover that this is an ideal place to enjoy great food with friends and family.pratap_lunch_home_banner

At Pratap Lunch Home we create a gourmet dining experience. We strive to make your dining fun and exciting. Our cuisine is influenced by the flavors and styles of many cultures so diners can enjoy savoring different mouth watering dishes.

One of the great things about Pratap Lunch Home is that the menu is constantly evolving based upon the seasonality of produce and the team’s fascination with different cuisines. If you’re a regular visitor, you know that there are a few standards that we tend to rotate through the menu, but for the most part, you will be delighted to see all kinds of new dishes each time you visit the restaurant.


Lying in the heart of buzzing Janmabhoomi Marg, Fort, Pratap Lunch Home boasts of relaxed setting, crisp modern design, edgy lighting, and friendly, experienced staff and the tasty food that will surely make your taste buds dance leaving you craving for more. Our refined cuisine offers characteristic Mangalorean delicacies along with various other delicacies which cannot be found anywhere else in the world.


Pratap Lunch Home has specialized dishes which include Haryali Crab Meat, Tandoori Crab, Crab Kalamiri Tandoori, Gassi Crab, Fish Tawa Fry, King Prawns Gassi, Pomfret Butter Pepper and Prawns Chilly Roast.

Pratap Lunch Home’s upscale yet unpretentious atmosphere provides the canvas for an unparalleled dining experience. We offer a selection of unique dishes inspired by a variety of cultures and styles.

pratap_lunch_home_decorative_wall new
pratap_lunch_home_decorative_wall new

We enjoy incorporating the finest ingredients in our refined cuisine, and sharing that enjoyment with our guests. Till date we have maintained our standards of fine dining and will continue to do so for many years to come.

Our staff is extremely amicable and makes you feel at home. Since its inception, Pratap Lunch Home has been a favoured destination for Seafood lovers all over the world. Cutting edge fine dining and ambiance have always been our calling card, bolstered with exceptional service.

Aditi Restaurant

Aditi Restaurant
Aditi Restaurant near KEM hospital

Mandar Purkar | Mumbai |Aditi Restaurant which is in midst of a raging controversy thanks due to Narendra Modi’s tweet is actually famous for its mouth watering delicacies.

The owners of the restaurant to highlight the imposition of service taxes creatively used bills issued to customers by criticizing the UPA government responsible for the scams. The Congress party workers staged dharnas outside the hotel to protests and the owners had to stop using bills to criticize the government.

But if somebody thinks that owners used this as a ploy to attract the controversy and to further the commercial interests by seeking attention then they are wrong. Actually Aditi is jam-packed throughout the day.

Aditi has huge patronage of the customers not only due to its prime location but also due to its quality and taste. The restaurant is clean and adheres to high standard of hygiene and cleanliness as it is dependent upon the staff of the KEM Hospital for business.

The restaurant serves South Indian and Punjabi food and once you taste their vegetables you will crave for more. The gravy of the vegetable is rich and thick, the use of spices is perfect not too spicy or too mild and it’s the perfection of the preparation that is its strength.

The same is the case of its rotis and all other Indian breads. The rotis are crisp and literary melt in the mouths. The rice preparations like biryani and pulao are also up to mark. The service is quick and attentive and it’s no wonder that you have to wait in the queue in the evenings. Once you taste the food of Aditi over a period of time it becomes an addiction.

Friends Union Joshi Club

Mumbai | (South Mumbai) Kalbadevi, old locality once the nerve centre of textile trade in India where many popular eating houses are located has Friends Union Joshi Club it’s also famous by its short form FUJC

friends_union_joshi_clubIt was started by Joshi a freedom fighter when his soda factory was confiscated by British government and he came to Mumbai is search of work. In forties Mumbai had became headquarter of Congress party and somebody suggested Joshi to start an eating house to feed party workers coming from all over India.

In the next few years FUJC became a place known for its sumptuous Guajarati thali. Over a period of time due to its quality food, impeccable service and delicious taste FUJC was one of top thali serving restaurant and it is said that even the Dhirubhai Ambani in his initial days used to visit this place to taste its thali.

FUJC was famous for its RasPuri and they took care to naturally ripen the mangoes and never used any chemicals. Today FUJC has lost its aura but then also it serves thali at very reasonable price.

Times change and now there are many options regarding cuisines and youngsters prefer fast food but then also this thali joint has tried to retain its origin menu despite facing many difficulties including inflation.

FUJC has survived more than seventy years and its management has also changed and many old restaurants in the city are closing down but it has managed to stay afloat.

Friends Union Joshi Club serves unlimited thali at Rs 150 on weekdays and at Rs 200 on Sundays with sweets.

The thali consists of unlimited phulkes, three vegetables, dal, rice with accompaniments like pickle, papad, chutneys, farsan and limited sweet on weekdays. The service is fast and courteous.

Sardar of Pav Bhaji

MUMBAI : It’s very rare that a person residing in South Mumbai has not heard the name of Sardar Pavbhaji. Sardar is considered as a pioneer who introduced pav bhaji to Mumbaikars.

It was in the late sixties that Sardar was the first one to introduce this delicacy and it was no wonder that it spread like a rage. Sardar Pav Bhaji

The street food culture in Mumbai is unique as the rich and famous have always patronised it.

Mumbai has a rich street food culture the rich and famous try it for its taste while the poor ones to fill their stomach. For Sardar there was no looking back and every Saturday and Sunday people started queing up outside the restaurant.

The specialty of this pavbhaji is its spicy taste and with it comes lots of butter. So when you taste the spicy buttery bhaji with soft pav its sheer bliss.

After serving the Mumbaikars for last four decades Sardar has maintained amazing consistency in its taste and quality. The pav or bread which is served with the bhaji is also of high quality and its literary dipped in butter.

So when you visit Mumbai central railway station or Taddeo area dont miss the opportunity to taste the best pavbhaji.

It’s a worth experience which you will remember for ever. Address: 166 B,M,Malviya Marg, Taddeo Tulsiwadi, Near Vasanrao Naik Chowk Mumbai Maharashtra 400 034.