Aditi Restaurant

Aditi Restaurant
Aditi Restaurant near KEM hospital

Mandar Purkar | Mumbai |Aditi Restaurant which is in midst of a raging controversy thanks due to Narendra Modi’s tweet is actually famous for its mouth watering delicacies.

The owners of the restaurant to highlight the imposition of service taxes creatively used bills issued to customers by criticizing the UPA government responsible for the scams. The Congress party workers staged dharnas outside the hotel to protests and the owners had to stop using bills to criticize the government.

But if somebody thinks that owners used this as a ploy to attract the controversy and to further the commercial interests by seeking attention then they are wrong. Actually Aditi is jam-packed throughout the day.

Aditi has huge patronage of the customers not only due to its prime location but also due to its quality and taste. The restaurant is clean and adheres to high standard of hygiene and cleanliness as it is dependent upon the staff of the KEM Hospital for business.

The restaurant serves South Indian and Punjabi food and once you taste their vegetables you will crave for more. The gravy of the vegetable is rich and thick, the use of spices is perfect not too spicy or too mild and it’s the perfection of the preparation that is its strength.

The same is the case of its rotis and all other Indian breads. The rotis are crisp and literary melt in the mouths. The rice preparations like biryani and pulao are also up to mark. The service is quick and attentive and it’s no wonder that you have to wait in the queue in the evenings. Once you taste the food of Aditi over a period of time it becomes an addiction.

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