Friends Union Joshi Club

Mumbai | (South Mumbai) Kalbadevi, old locality once the nerve centre of textile trade in India where many popular eating houses are located has Friends Union Joshi Club it’s also famous by its short form FUJC

friends_union_joshi_clubIt was started by Joshi a freedom fighter when his soda factory was confiscated by British government and he came to Mumbai is search of work. In forties Mumbai had became headquarter of Congress party and somebody suggested Joshi to start an eating house to feed party workers coming from all over India.

In the next few years FUJC became a place known for its sumptuous Guajarati thali. Over a period of time due to its quality food, impeccable service and delicious taste FUJC was one of top thali serving restaurant and it is said that even the Dhirubhai Ambani in his initial days used to visit this place to taste its thali.

FUJC was famous for its RasPuri and they took care to naturally ripen the mangoes and never used any chemicals. Today FUJC has lost its aura but then also it serves thali at very reasonable price.

Times change and now there are many options regarding cuisines and youngsters prefer fast food but then also this thali joint has tried to retain its origin menu despite facing many difficulties including inflation.

FUJC has survived more than seventy years and its management has also changed and many old restaurants in the city are closing down but it has managed to stay afloat.

Friends Union Joshi Club serves unlimited thali at Rs 150 on weekdays and at Rs 200 on Sundays with sweets.

The thali consists of unlimited phulkes, three vegetables, dal, rice with accompaniments like pickle, papad, chutneys, farsan and limited sweet on weekdays. The service is fast and courteous.

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